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The 'HS' Heavy Stand has a single 3x3 inch square riser and can be filled with additional mass loading material. Includes spikes and pads. Ships in pairs. Available in 20", 24" and 28" heights. 

Top Plate 0.090" x 6.0" W x 8.0" D

Base Plate 0.187" x 9.0"W x 11.0"D

Top Plate Thickness: 0.09"

Base Plate Thickness: 0.187"

14-15-16 lbs. per stand

The 'MR' Maximum Rigidity Stand is a world class speaker stand designed for the highest quality stand mountable loudspeakers available. Four rectangular risers couple the base and top plates, maximizing contact area. Full range, high output speakers, are a perfect match for these stands. Fill each of the four columns with mass loading material for a virtually inert stand. Includes spikes and pads. Available in 20", 24" and 28" heights. 

Top Plate HRS 0.125" x 6.0" W x 8.0" D

Base Plate HRS 0.250" x 9.0" W x 11.0" D

Top Plate Thickness: 0.125"

Base Plate Thickness: 0.250"

31-35-39 lbs. per stand

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