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The BHA-1 is Bryston’s reference amplifier solution for the finest listening experience from your headphones. The BHA-1 is compatible with both traditional (single-ended) and balanced headphones.


Maximum: 2 Watts per channel into 32 Ohms at 1% THD
Rated: 500 milliwatts per channel into 32 Ohms at .005% THD 


Inputs: Balanced XLR Pair, Single Ended Pair (RCA), 3.5mm Stereo Mini Jack (MP3 Player Source, etc.) 
Outputs: Balanced XLR (4 Pin Stereo), Balanced XLR Pair (3 Pin Left/Right), ¼" Headphone Jack 


Balanced dual mono circuitry

Left/Right balance control

Six fully discrete Class A Bryston operational amplifiers

14dB or 20dB gain 

10k input impedance

High quality noble stereo volume control (laser trimmed)

Gold plated input and output connectors

Multiple headphone drive capability


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