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Steel square tubular frame design with 0.500" MDF laminated insert with 4 down facing spikes for floor mounting of amplifiers, crossovers and other central floor mounted components.  The AS Floor Stand can also be used laterally for deeper components.


Components are firmly grounded to the floor which minimizes effects of vibration.  Components benefit from adequate underside ventilation.  

Comes with 4 basic spikes, Bling Thing 1.0 Spike upgrade shown.

The "VW" vertical wall mount shelf is ideally suited for turntables which benefit most from their isolation from the floor.  Like the IS shelf, the VW has a 2"x 1" tubular steel frame design that incorporates 4 inverted steel spikes that float a suspended 0.750" thick MDF laminate shelf.  In addition, the VW is welded and center underbraced to a wall mount frame that has 4 mounting holes located on 16" centers in order to mount firmly to wall studs.


Older homes, or floors that are less strong are best applications for the VW.  The VW design further eliminates the effect from any mechanical or sound based vibrations and completely isolates the turntable from the floor.

Higher mounting height allows for easier use of any turntable, without having to bend to see the needle location. 


Comes with 4 screws & covers for mounting.

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