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We are proud to represent Bryston audio equipment in Singapore.


Bryston has been producing quality audio equipment since 1973.​.

Their first products were audio amplifiers, most notably, the 4B, which has received incremental upgrades, and is still a part of the lineup today.

Bryston amplifiers have gained a reputation for excellent sound quality, and unfailing reliability, and are in use in production, recording & mastering facilities around the world, as well as in homes of discerning audiophiles.

Bryston has progressively introduced new products to its lineup, and currently offers products along the entire music reproduction chain, from digital and analogue source components, to amplification and speakers. 

We also offer a complementary range of speaker/equipment supports and accessories.

Feel free to drop us a line.

BryFi BW-1
Active Speakers
B135 Cubed Int Amp

Featuring high performance speakers, powerful amplifiers and a networked lossless digital audio player, the BryFI BW-1 is the new class leader in desktop audio.

Bryston's integrated amplifier combines Cubed sonic excellence with rock solid reliability, and offers performance at the level of more costly separate components.

State-of-the art resolution and dynamic control. The Bryston Active Loudspeaker System takes performance to the next level.

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